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At Rev 1 Precision, we provide precision engineering services to include, 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC Milling, CNC turning, surface grinding, welding and EDM spark erosion and wire erosion. We fulfill all Manufacturing and quality requirements, of components which may be of small- or large-scale proportions, simple or complex and in low or high-volume batches.

Our team of dedicated professionals, possessing vast knowledge, experience and skills within the toolmaking and precision engineering industries, enable them to work successfully with a variety of both standard and exotic materials to include, aluminium, copper, brass, engineering plastics, tool steels, stainless steels of all grades, titanium, Inconel and heat resistant alloys, resulting in the delivery of precision engineered components of the highest quality, on time, every time.

We promise to produce components of the highest quality, whether it be a prototype, custom one-off part or a high-volume production component.

Every aspect of each contract is taken care of from our purpose-built facility, which enables us to provide the close and personal attention to detail, throughout the entire project, which is vital to ensuring that successful cost management and time management is maintained and that every customers requirement are met.


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